How To Grow Your Instagram in 2018

 The truth is there is no magic to become big Instagram star over the night, no secret recipes, "just'' lots of work and dedication.
In this post, we are talking about Instagram and about new updates that are made in 2018, Instagram is always changing his algorithm and we as a content creators have to be aware of all the things that are changing. This last time Instagram changed their algorithm things like - lower visibility, less engagement, and fewer likes started to happen.
After months of researching and trying different things, I decided to write everything down.

Through the years I found my passion for traveling and digital marketing. Now I am stuck with lots of followers who are not interested in my content anymore, for example. they were interested in my previous photos related to makeup/fashion and I don't do posts like that anymore.

I decided to delete all my inactive followers in next few months because when you post only the ten percent of your following will see your post at first.
Now, I have some crazy idea to start everything from zero.

Don't buy followers.

Instagram is not stupid, he knows everything and he can shadowban your Instagram profile.
If you are buying followers, they are probably ghost followers and what's the point of having 100 000 followers if you have 100 likes per photo? Ghost followers are not real people, they will not like your photos, they will not engage with your content. Cleaner is the perfect tool to unfollow, block ghost or inactive followers, mass delete posts and unlike previously liked photos or videos.
It's better to have 100 active followers than to have 200000 inactive followers who are using autobots to like your posts and never click through to your website or purchase your products and services.

1. Open to your audience and show them that you are authentic

 Before you post a photo go on others people's photos and comment on them and don't just write "nice pic".
  • Ask them some questions related to the photo. 
  • Be interested in their content. 
  • Connect with them.
Be active, talk like it's a real conversation. (Because it is!)

2. Theme your feed

I am struggling with this because I want to post everything and I often get lost in one big mess, but I'm trying to keep everything presentable. Less or more.
Perfect app for that is Unum with this app, you can easily organize your Instagram and plan out your posts. I highly recommend Unum for an IG planner.
Instagram is your visual personality. If you stick to a style, then you will have a consistent theme. Pick one filter and stick to it.  I used Darkroom, then VSCO and now I am using Lightroom. They are all great apps!

3. Use #hashtags

Find the right hashtags for you, stick to your theme/niche don't just post #likeforlike #travel #fashion #sunset #mood #instagood and #  like that because those hashtags are so competitive and your photo will be lost in few seconds.
Find five good hashtags relevant to your photo,  the best hashtags to use are those who have less than 500 000 posts.
If I use smaller # I often end up in the popular posts and I stay there for days.
The new thing is that - you have to put # in the caption, not in comments. They will not work in comments anymore.

4. Learn some photography skills
You don't have to buy some fancy expensive camera, you can use your phone with a decent camera and you need to practice your eye. I use my iPhone for most of my Instagram photos.
  • Avoid the front camera (lower quality)
  • Use your back camera (higher quality)
  • Learn some composition.
  • Add some filter and you are ready!
You don't have to be perfect.
As you grow your audience you will learn a lot of new things and you will be better with every next photo that you take. Imagine that Instagram is the place where you can present yourself to the world. Do you really want to show the world your blury photos? I don't think so.
  5. Stop posting photos that are not relevant to your audience
 Focus on your content.
You cannot post travel, sunset, feet, heels, cat, baby and then expect to have thousands of likes,  all of your future followers will look into your feed and they will follow you because they can relate to the photos.  Ok, you can post kittens, kittens are cute.
But you know what I mean. Do you?

 6. Stop following the wrong people

 Follow people related to your niche.
 If you are posting about fashion follow fashion profiles.
 If you are posting about travel follow travel profiles.
  • Engage with them. 
  • Like their photos and comment on them
If they like your content, they will probably follow you back and they could become your really engaged IG followers.

7. Insta Stories
Instagram Stories are an amazing way to connect with your followers.
  • Share "behind the scene" of your business. 
  • Share things you love, recommend products.
  • Share tips.
Before you post, ask yourself who you are posting for? Is this what my followers want to see?
 You can schedule Insta stories with Preview app.
 Design Instagram highlights. Highlights can be added at any time via any of the stories in your archive and they stay on your profile until you decide to delete them.

8. Your bio

Your bio is the first thing that people will see when they came to your profile.
  • What do want them to read? 
  • What describes you?  
  • What they will find on your profile?
And yes don't be afraid of emoji, put some emoji in the description.
Read How to write a killer Instagram bio

9. Good caption on photos
Instagram is a visual platform where you upload photos and videos but the caption is also really important cause it represents you and your personality.
For one year,  I only posted photos with hashtags, without caption worst thing ever! Because I didn't engage with anyone.
  • Ask some questions in your caption
  • Tell the story behind the photo
  • Express what did you feel in that moment.
  • Show your personality,
  • Be fun and silly.
Don't change your caption once you post it, don't add anything, don't delete anything. This will drop your visability. Apparently, you need to write good caption, add 5 good # and leave it.
10.  Tag profiles that are connected to your niche.
  • Tag the company of the product or service in your post
  •  When you socializing at someplace or with someone on Instagram
  •  Tag your business partners or affiliates
  •  Shoutouts
11. Be consistent! Post every single day!
 Don't find an excuse not to post, don't be like me.

12. Host a giveaway
Hosting contents and giveaways is a great way to increase your following and give something back to your followers. I don't host giveaways that much, but I'm thinking I will change that. Everybody wants to win something and if they have to, they will follow you and they will even tag two friends to do the same.
First, ask yourself why are you doing this? What is the purpose?
  • Growing your followers?
  • Celebrating special event?
  • Give back to your followers?
  •  Build a relationship with some brand? 
This will help you to understand, what to ask your followers to do.
Are they going tag a friend? Write a short story?
  • Prize?
  • Duration?
  • How to enter?
  • Who can enter?
  • How the winner is chosen?
And that's 12!

But the truth is .... you don't have to do anything or you can do two things from this list as long as you are happy with your profile.
This is my personal opinion and this works for me.
I really tried everything, I made every mistake you can make.
If you are patient if you are improving your photography skills and the most important 
 if you do it with love you will be freaking amazing!

 It takes time but it will be worthed.

Don't be scared, just start.

Be social. Have fun.
Don't do it because free gifts and sponsorships because sooner or later your followers and sponsors will see that.
Well, my friends, that's all for today's post.

What do you think? Will you try this tips? Please let me know what do you think. I love to hear from you!