The pleated skirt

Let's get back to fashion.
This time i wear pleated skirt, that's my favorite piece this fall/winter. 
This bottom piece is very functional and eye- catchy. 

                           I purchased this skirt two years ago and after wearing constantly.
The thing is, tough, there are actually tons of ways to wear pleated skirt, and most of these are really cool and fun outfit ideas instead of something that will remind you of your grandma.

Not longer just a school uniform staple, the plated skirt has come of age in 2016.
think less ''back to school outfit'' and more retro 1950s elegance.
This season's plated skirt comes in variety of colors and texture.
The pleated skirt trend is definitely not one to miss this season!

I just purchased silver one from Zara.
I can't wait to wear it and shoot some outfits. 

Skirt ZARA
Shirt ZARA
Watch Marc Ecko
                                                               Shoes Roberto

How do you wear a pleated skirt?
Let me know in comments.

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