How to wear nude leather pants

 How to wear nude leather pants on very windy day in the middle of nowhere...

My spontaneous photo shoot
Last few day was freezing cold and very windy. My friend and I wanted to take some photos of her majesty THE BURA. That is really cold wind, in my county where gusts of wind can reach the speed  up to 200km/h. 
Check out some youtube videos of bura. It's really beautiful to watch bura from the coziness of the warm car, but not so much outside car.
In one moment I was thinking oh, shit I m going to fall  into the sea and no one will ever find me.  But everything went great and we got some nice photos.

A minimalistic dream outfit 
Silky white blouse and nude leather pants.
WEARING ZARA white blouse 
ZARA nude leather pants
Roberto shoes
Marc Ecko watch
What's your dream outfit?

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