1.Travel light. Don't pack to much things. 
 when you go on vacation, deciding what to bring to foreign country is hard. I used to over pack and then I got wise.You don't need all that clothes and shoes, trust me. There's old saying: ''pack half the clothes and twice the money. Plan your outfits before you begin to pack, resist the urge to take '' just in case'' duplicates,check the weather forecast,keep heavy items out.

2.Research. Planning is key.
Decide where and when you want to go,research your costs.book your accommodation,plan your activities including restaurant,museums,malls .Traveling blogs and websites are a great places to browse travel photos,journals and videos by real people sharing their experience. 

3.Public transport
Public transport is the best and easiest way to learn the city and get to attractions and places of interest.Public transportation cards are great, check out if city you want to visit have one that you can purchase.

4. Credit card
Contact your bank or credit card company and let them know that you will be overseas. if you don't do that bank or credit card company may think the card has been stolen if its suddenly used in strange country and they may block it.

5. Make a copy of your passport,credit cards,driver's license.
 Don't forget to make copies of the first page of passport, the front and back of your credit cards, you could also take a picture of your passport ID, credit cards and other important documents with your smartphone  and send it to your email, this way no matter where you are in the world you can get on your email account and get the information if your cards or passports have been lost or stolen. 

6. Respect other countries culture and customs
Remember you are a visitor in someone's else country. Learning to accept and respect other cultures is an important step to having great experience.

7. Learn the local language 
It's much easier to get around if you know tiniest bit of local language. Learning some basic phrases in the language of your destination can help you interact with locals and understand more of the culture. Even if you're not fluent the locals will appreciate the effort. Some basic phrases you may need are hello, thank you, please, goodbye,help,yes,no.

8.Money is money. Memories are forever.
Don't hold too tightly to money,if you want to do something, do it.

9.Comfortable walking shoes
If you want to see the parts of the town where real people live and work, you need to go visit them. The best way to do that is on foot. blisters are not fun.

10. Always buy travel insurance 
It's obvious, but probably one of the most important items on this list. If you only do one thing before you leave do this. Don't think it won't happen to you.

11. Always carry toilet paper with you.
We learned quickly our first day in China to always carry small packages of tissues and bottles of hand sanitizer everywhere we went. Toilet paper is not given in many parts of the world.

12. Eat local food. 
Real local food is usually the best to eat anywhere you'll be traveling because it has been eaten by society for a long time,is well tasted,usually isn't processed, and usually safe to eat. One of my biggest regrets from my first trip was that I wasn't brave enough to try any of the local food.

13. Get up early
I am ''stay up late, wake up late'' kind of people, but on vacation I m morning person.If you get up early you can catch a beautiful sunrise, you can enjoy the local breakfast buffet,you can avoid crowds,you can avoid the heat. Watch the world around you wake up.

14. Use a VPN ( Virtual private network)
Vpn allows you to get around internet filtering I've come across blocked sites(facebook, instagram,youtube, google) in China. Simply connect your VPN to a country that doesn't block the site you're after, and the problems disappears.

15. Don't change your currency at the airport
Airport is place where you'll get the worst exchange rates and fees are numerous and high. This really should be for emergencies. 

16. Wear flip flops in the hostel shower
A pair of shoes to wear in the shower might protect you from picking up foot fungus or other infections.

17.Don't forget to check in online
A relaxing journey starts with checking in online. Check in online to get better airline seats for free.

18.Always have local cash
No matter how you want to pay for things while you're abroad it's always good idea to take some travel money in the local currency to pay for essential things like food,drink,taxi,tips..

19.Dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is godsend for those days when you don't have time to wash your hair but still want to interact with other humans.

20.Don't buy a black suitcases
Apart from it looking identical to everyone else's you risk the chance of someone mistaking their luggage with yours and walking away with your bag . Thieves prefer to steal black suitcases. So here is obvious lesson. Buy pink suitcase, or green, orange, silver. if you have black, decorate it. Snap a photo of your suitcase before handing in over when boarding a plane, if your luggage gets lost it will help immensely when filling out the paperwork.

Got any great travel tips? Let's hear 'em in the comments! :D